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  • Pagsubok sa Ilang: Ikaapat ng Mukha ni Satanas

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    • Pagsubok sa Ilang: Ikaapat ng Mukha ni Satanas
    • Author: Tony Perez
    • Award Title: Winner, National Book Award, Theology and Religion, 2006
    • Description: “Written creatively and with uncommon clarity, this book critically rereads the temptations in the desert as a process of psycho-spiritual integration involving Jesus’ descent to his unconscious and the reabsorption of his Shadow. Satan as the “shadow” is non-dualistically presented here as a force that is integrally within us, which we must face in order to move toward greater individuation. Pagsubok sa Ilang indeed contributes not only to the small collection of academic studies devoted to the figure of Satan but also to the possible significations Satan can assume in Christian life.”—Agnes M. Brazal, STD, Maryhill School of Theology
    • Place/Date Published: Pasig City: Anvil Publishing, 2005
    • ISBN No.: 9712716570
    • No. of pages: 135