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  • Pidgin Levitations: Poetic Chroma Texts

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    • Pidgin Levitations: Poetic Chroma Texts
    • Author: Ricardo M. De Ungria
    • Award Title: Winner, National Book Award, Book Design, 2004
    • Description: Book design by Veni L. Llowa and Ricardo de Ungria This is a truly remarkable work of revision and recreation of his Uncollected Poems 1981–1989: revision as “an art in itself” since “no poem is ever finished,” and recreation as “my old self co-creating with me the poems of the past that were in their nascent state” (the word recreation also comprising “the ideas of leisure and sports”). The poems in Pidgin Levitations, says Dr. Gemino Abad, show a poet’s exemplary course from an aesthetics of “esoteric allusions … and mystifying subtleties and obscurities” to a poetics of ordinary language and ordinary subjects.”
    • Place/Date Published: Quezon City: University of the Phillipines Press, 2004
    • ISBN No.: 9715424112
    • No. of pages: 159