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  • Ang Screenplay ng “Jose Rizal”

    Ang Screenplay ng "Jose Rizal"

    Ricardo Lee, Jun Lana, Peter Ong Lim
    Edited by  Ricardo Lee

    Winner, National Book Award, Screenplay, 1999
    This book is a recognition of the continuing importance to this day of the works and life of our national hero. Apart from the screenplay of Jose Rizal, this book contains details about the production, annotations, and interviews with those who created the film, from Marilou Diaz-Abaya to costume designer Mike Guizon; scenes shot but not used; and the script of the trailer which was written by Butch Jimenez, one of the producers.
    Quezon City: GMA Network Films, 1999
    ISBN: 971-921-250-1
    147 pages

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