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  • Anina ng mga Alon

    Anina ng mga Alon

    Eugene Evasco
    Illustrated by Breiner Medina

    Winner, National Book Award, Young Adult Literature, 2002
    This young-adult novel follows a Badjao living in southern Mindanao as she goes to school, learns how to fish and weave to earn a living, faces death in the family, confronts the problem of war in the islands, and is eventually forced to live in the underside of Manila. The writer tries to tackle a number of themes in the book: growing up, mythology, psychology, the war, the environmental disaster that has afflicted the seas of Mindanao, and the racial tensions between Tausugs and Badjaos. Quezon City: Adarna House, 2002
    ISBN: 971-508-164-9

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