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  • Awit and Corrido: Philippine Metrical Romances

    Awit and Corrido: Philippine Metrical Romances

    Damiana Eugenio

    Winner, National Book Award, Literary History, 1987
    Awit and Corrido is a study of the metrical romance, as it flourished in the Philippines in the late-18th, 19th, and early-20th centuries. Awits are romances written in 12-syllable lines; corridos are those written in eight-syllable lines. Fifty representative metrical romances are presented individually, each of them analyzed in terms of the type of story it tells, its constituent motifs, and its analogues and probable sources.
    Quezon City: University of the Phillipines Press, 1987
    ISBN: 971-105-024-2
    424 pages

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