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  • Diksiyonaryong Hiligaynon-Filipino

    Diksiyonaryong Hiligaynon-Filipino

    Ruby Gamboa Alcantara

    Winner, National Book Award, Linguistics, 1997
    This dictionary has some 10,000 entries arranged in alphabetical order using the A to Z alphabet, although there are no entries for C, F, J, Q, V, X, and Z. Each entry is a word (followed by its pronunciation) in Hiligaynon, with its corresponding meaning expressed in Filipino. A sample sentence in Hiligaynon using the word is given, followed by an equivalent sentence in Filipino.
    Quezon CIty: U.P. Sentro ng Wikang Filipino, 1997
    ISBN: 971-878-157-9, 971-878-167-6
    538 pages

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