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  • Duet for EDSA: Looking Back, Looking Forward

    Duet for EDSA: Looking Back, Looking Forward

    Edited by  Lorna Kalaw Tirol

    Winner, National Book Award, Documentation, 1996
    Ten years after the great victory of people power that toppled the Marcos dictatorship, the question must be asked: Has EDSA made a difference at all to the Philippines and to Filipinos in the past 10 years? That is the question this volume attempts to answer. By publishing this volume, the Foundation for Worldwide People Power (FWWPP) hopes to provoke discussion, perhaps debate, on the issues raised by the writers, and to inspire positive action from the citizenry, perhaps from the government as well.
    Manila: Foundation for Worldwide People Power, 1995
    ISBN: 971-916-701-7
    251 pages

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