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  • Eros, Thanatos, Cubao: Mga Piling Katha

    Eros, Thanatos, Cubao: Mga Piling Katha

    Tony Perez

    Winner, National Book Award, Fiction, 1994
    This book is composed of two parts: Eros and Thanatos, bound back-to-back. The people of Eros search for health, love, and safety. They are always smiling and willing to help others. Meanwhile, the people of Thanatos search for the fascination of mystery and the challenge of danger and adventure. They love deserted places, full moons, woods, thunder and lightning, and storms and rain, and are fascinated by peril and insanity.
    Mandaluyong City: Cacho Publishing House, 1994
    ISBN: 971-190-160-9, 971-190-160-9
    114 pages

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