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  • Gagamba sa Uhay: Kalipunan ng mga Haiku

    Gagamba sa Uhay: Kalipunan ng mga Haiku

    Rogelio Mangahas

    Winner, National Book Award, Best Book of Poems, 2007
    Translated in English by Marne L. Kilates
    “Minimalist yet mesmerizing, indeed, is this bilingual collection of over 270 haiku in Filipino by Rogelio G. Mangahas with translations into English by Marne L. Kilates. That a superb Tagalog poet would appropriate a foreign form and make much of it with requisite brevity?thence have his jewels re-rendered in another foreign language?is in itself a marvel of transposition and juxtaposition. That the translation bespeaks, as it were, belief rather than betrayal makes this tripartite coalition a triumph of poetic globalization.”?Alfred A. Yuson
    Quezon City: C&E Publishing, 2006
    ISBN: 971-584-496-0

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