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  • Hairtrigger Loves: 50 Poems on Woeman

    Hairtrigger Loves: 50 Poems on Woeman

    Alfred Yuson

    Winner, Manila Critics Circle Members’ Award, 2003
    “Alfred A. Yuson’s trademark macho wordplay delights once more in a collection that bites, but tenderly. Intoxicated by women, his personae map a graceful arc from tormented adoration, to lovelorn sparring, to the serene recognition of the woman as reflection, as mirror. Hairtrigger Loves telescopes the history of a heart into 50 poems that cast a solemn eye on loves?contemplated, labored, savored, lost?and achieves, in the woe-man’s discovery of the power to speak plainly, a sort of rueful majesty.”?Vince Groyon
    Quezon City: University of the Phillipines Press, 2002
    ISBN: 971-542-371-X
    75 pages

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