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  • Japanese Pioneers in the Northern Philippine Highlands

    Japanese Pioneers in the Northern Philippine Highlands

    Edited by  Patricia Okubo Afable

    Winner, National Book Award, History, 2004
    This book describes a vibrant Japanese community that was fully engaged in northern Luzon economic, cultural, and civic life in the first decades of the 20th century. Because of the great toll on Filipino life and society in the Second World War, most of the stories here came to be shared only within small groups of Japanese-Filipinos. Few of their elders, the pioneers’ children, now remain. Through oral accounts, archival research, and over 300 previously unpublished line drawings and photographs, this volume retrieves for us a portion of Baguio and Cordillera history that has come close to being totally forgotten.
    Baguio City: Filipino-Jaoanese FOundation of Northern Luzon, 2004
    ISBN: 971-929-730-1
    330 pages

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