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  • Kayamanan: Ma’i-Panoramas of Philippine Primeval

    Kayamanan: Ma’i-Panoramas of Philippine Primeval

    Gabriel Casal
    Edited by  Nick Joaquin

    Winner, National Book Award, Art, 1986
    Kayamanan: Ma'i-Panoramas of Philippine Primeval presents the people of the Philippines before any contact with the Occident. The most distinctive characteristics of Ma’i are unraveled in nine essays, which explore Ma’i man’s oneness with his natural environment and the supernatural; his birth, community life, and death; his rites and rituals; and his material world and value system. A selection of choice photographs with apt captions from folk literature captures the feel and flavor?the esprit?of Ma’i.
    Manila: Central bank of the Philippines, 1986
    ISBN: 971-855-100
    330 pages

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