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    Myself, Elsewhere

    Carmen Guerrero Nakpil

    Winner, National Book Award, Biography / Autobiography, 2007
    Writing at age 84 about her girlhood in Ermita before World War II, Carmen Guerrero Nakpil offers both the innocent candor of the young and the worldly wisdom of old age. Using flashbacks and fast forwards, Nakpil provides historical background and foreground to the highly personal account of her early years and family history. This book also describes the cultural frame, the manners and morals, gossips and intrigues of a small Filipino town near the Manila Bay during the first half of the 20th century and it does so with humor and also sorrow over its tragedy.
    San Juan City: Circe Communications, 2006
    ISBN: 978-971-037-600-2
    191 pages

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