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  • Nemo: Ang Batang Papel (Nemo, the Boy Made of Paper)

    Nemo: Ang Batang Papel (Nemo, the Boy Made of Paper)

    Rene Villanueva
    Illustrated by%nbsp; Haru H. Sabijon

    Winner, PBBY Illustrator’s Prize, Illustrators’ Prize, 1994
    Winner, Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Award, Literature, 1992
    Translated into English by Ani Rosa Almario
    Nemo is a boy made of paper. He becomes a real boy after wishing on the farthest star. But Nemo never experiences the happiness of an ordinary child. He goes through many hardships as he tries to earn a living in a dangerous city. Together with other street children, Nemo decides that it is better to be a boy made of paper. This story illustrates a social problem that involves children. It also deals with the rights and needs of children, as well as the role of the family, the community, and the government to address these.
    Quezon City: Adarna House, 1994
    ISBN: 971-508-007-3

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