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  • Papel de Liha

    Papel de Liha

    Ompong Remigio Illustrated by Beth Parrocha-Doctolero

    Winner, National Book Award, Children’s Literature, 1996
    Winner, Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Award, Children’s Literature, 1996
    This story honors the untiring love a mother has for her family. She works all day: cooks their meals, does the laundry, cleans each nook and cranny. All this work must make her hands as rough as sandpaper! This distresses the little girl in our story who overhears her aunt say that sandpaper hands will make her father leave her mother!
    Quezon City: Adarna House, 1996
    ISBN: 971-508-092-8 (np)
    971-508-023-5 (bp)
    971-508-268-8 silver edition
    971-508-216-5 big book edition

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