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  • People of the Philippine Cordillera: Photographs, 1934-1956

    People of the Philippine Cordillera: Photographs, 1934-1956

    Eduardo Masferre, Jill Gale De Villa, Ma. Teresa Garcia-Farr, Gladys Montgomery Jones

    Winner, National Book Award, Art, 1988
    From 1934 to 1956, self-taught Filipino photographer Eduardo Masferre dedicated his talent to recording images of the ancient way of life of the indigenous people in the heart of the Philippine Cordillera mountains. Because of the historic importance and the artistic quality of Masferre’s photographs, it was imperative that his life’s work be compiled, published, and made available to the public and to students of Philippine cultural heritage. Several institutions participated in this project: the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, the Cultural Center of the Philippines Museo ng Kalinangang Pilipino, and Mobil Philippines.
    Metro Manila: DevCon, IP, 1988
    ISBN: 971-910-824-X
    168 pages

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