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  • People Power 2: Lessons and Hopes

    People Power 2: Lessons and Hopes

    Edited by  Thelma Sioson San Juan

    Winner, National Book Award, Book Design, 2001
    Book design by Onate and Perez, Inc.
    This book is a compendium of the lessons that we must take with us beyond People Power 2. Says Professor Cynthia Bautista of the University of the Philippines Department of Sociology: “Unless the middle classes facilitate the emergence of new social structures, the old social hierachies that allowed the excesses of a Marcos [deposed by People Power 1] or an Estrada [deposed by People Power 2] will prevail.”
    Pasig City: ABS-CBN Publishing Company, 2001
    ISBN: 971-816-106-6
    250 pages

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