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    Pinatubo and the Politics of Lahar

    Kelvin Rodolfo

    Winner, National Book Award, Science, 1995
    “This book is wonderfully but uncomfortably honest, about passionate science, by a geologist who lives astride the cultures of both the Philippines and the U.S. and who was at the center of unusually successful lifesaving studies of Pinatubo lahars. Dr. Rodolfo, or, if I may, Kelvin, led the earliest, fundamental characterization of Pinatubo lahars so that engineers, civil defense leaders, and politicians would understand the lahar threat before them, and thus make wise decisions on how to manage that threat.”?Christopher G. Newhall, U.S. Geological Survey, Seattle, Washington
    Quezon City: University of the Philippines Center for Integrative and Development Studies, 1995
    ISBN: 971-542-072-9
    341 pages

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