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  • Sandosenang Kuya

    Sandosenang Kuya

    Russell Molina
    Illustrated by  Hubert Fucio

    Grand Prize, PBBY Alcala Illustrator’s Prize, Children’s and Young Reader’s Literature, 2003
    Grand Prize, PBBY Salanga Writer’s Prize, Children’s Literature, 2003
    The boy in our story belongs to a different kind of family. He has a dozen brothers he looks up to—all of whom look different from one another! Much as their family is an uncommon one, their joy becomes extraordinary because it comes 12 times over! Adults may use this story to illustrate the reality of lost and orphaned children and what their lives are like inside a children’s home. The story helps to teach children about the importance of family, the role each member fulfills, and how each one contributes to the well-being of the others.
    Quezon City: Adarna House, 2003
    ISBN: 971-508-183-5 (bp)
    971-508-182-7 (np)
    30 pages

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