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    Smaller and Smaller Circles

    F.H. Batacan

    Winner, National Book Award, Fiction in a Foreign Language, 2002
    Winner, Madrigal-Gonzalez Best First Book Award, Literature, 2003
    Winner, Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Award, Novel in a Foreign Language, 1999
    Smaller and Smaller Circles is unique in the Philippine literary scene—a Pinoy detective novel, both fast-paced and intelligent, with a Jesuit priest, a forensic anthhropologist, as the sleuth. When it won the Palanca Grand Prize for the English Novel in 1999, it proved that fiction can be both “popular” and “literary.”
    Quezon City: University of the Phillipines Press, 2002
    ISBN: 971-542-364-7
    160 pages

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