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    State of War

    Ninotchka Rosca

    Winner, National Book Award, Fiction, 1988
    An endless festival amidst an endless war is the central image of this novel about the Philippines of the Marcos era, a time of brutality, treachery, and betrayed passion. Three young people arrive on the island of K___ for the annual festival. In the second section, the novel moves back in time, on a headlong, magical, sometimes hallucinatory reprise of Filipino history and the history of the families of the three young people. Finally, in the third section, once again, the novel is about the festival, and the novel reaches its shattering conclusion.
    Manila: National Book Store, 1988
    ISBN: 971-271-694-5 (np)
    971-271-751-8 (bp)
    382 pages

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