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  • Subli: Isang Sayaw sa Apat na Tinig

    Subli: Isang Sayaw sa Apat na Tinig

    Elena Rivera Mirano

    Winner, National Book Award, Art, 1990
    Research and music transcription by Elena Rivera Mirano; Photography by Neal M. Oshima; and Dance notation by Basilio Esteban Villaruz
    “When work on Subli began, we had modest goals. We wanted to enter a dance, take it apart, look at the pieces, and put them back, all properly labeled, to present to the reader. But as we proceeded, we began to discover that we were not in possession of a static object or corpus that could and would stand for dissection. Our ‘object’ led us in strange, unforeseen directions. It had a will, a life, and most of all, a voice, or to be more exact, voices, of its own.”-Elena Rivera Mirano
    Manila: Cultural Center of the Philippines-Cultural Resources and Communications, 1990
    ISBN: 971-854-603-0
    106 pages

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