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    Sulu Sulawesi Seas

    Jurgen Freund

    Winner, Gintong Aklat Award, Trade Book, 2002
    Photography by Jurgen Freund; Essays by Romeo B. Trono, Raoul Cola, Lida Pet-Soade, Wendy Ames, Patricia Regis, and Jose Ma. Lorenzo Tan. This book is a celebration of the beauty and biodiversity of the marine ecoregion Sulu–Sulawesi. It is a breathtaking chronicle in images and words of the different habitats and cultures that exist here today, the formidable threats to the area’s continuing existence, and the responsibility which man must acknowledge to preserve this important ecoregion.
    Makati City: Bookmark and WWF Philippines Kabang Kalikasan ng Pilipinas, 2001
    ISBN: 971-569-426-8 (hb)
    971-569-337-7 (hb)
    235 pages

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