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  • Supremo: The Story of Andres Bonifacio

    Supremo: The Story of Andres Bonifacio

    Sylvia Mendez-Ventura
    Illustrated by  Edgardo Fernandez

    Winner, Gintong Aklat Award, Children’s and Young Reader’s Literature, 2002
    Unlike Rizal, who left behind volumes of correspondence, Bonifacio wrote little and lost most of his possessions in a fire. Even the whereabouts of his remains are unknown. Through exhaustive research, Sylvia Mendez Ventura has pieced together the largely undocumented life of Bonifacio—from his humble roots to his tragic execution at the hands of his own Katipunero brothers.
    Makati City: Tahanan Books for Young Readers, 2001
    ISBN: 971-630-090-5 (hb)
    971-630-091-3 (sb)
    176 pages

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