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    The Island

    Jose Dalisay Jr.

    Winner, National Book Award, Art, 1996
    Photography by Jaime Zobel Book design by Francisco Doplon
    The Island is a verbal and visual record of a journey. The story by Jose Dalisay Jr. takes a man, at the peak of his life, to an island he has to share with a young girl who returns and restores him to the pristine wonders of childhood. The photographs by Jaime Zobel relate the same experience on another plane, inviting the reader to contemplate them directly, to go beyond the boundaries of the text. Finally, the book design by Francisco Doplon strives for the perfect harmony between lyric and image, an imaginative enterprise all its own.
    Makati City: Ayala Foundation, 1996
    ISBN: 971-885-119-0 1

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