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    The Mythology Class

    Arnold Arre
    Illustrated by  Arnold Arre

    Winner, National Book Award, Comic Book, 1999
    This four-issue series is a landmark in itself: a comic book that combines Filipino myths and legends with modern humor, action, and sensibility. The result is a quirky, enjoyable comic book that is thoroughly modern and Filipino in its approach. Through his distinctive art and story, Arre imbues his young warriors with spunk, spark, and whimsy that resonate with any reader. In The Mythology Class, Arre gives us a glimpse of all that a truly Filipino comic book, drawing on all our multifarious influences, can become, all with a confident and unique style of his own.
    Metro Manila: Alamat Group of Comics and Adarna House, 1999
    ISBN: 971-508-279-3

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