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  • Working Women of Manila in the 19th Century

    Working Women of Manila in the 19th Century

    Maria Luisa Camagay

    Winner, National Book Award, History, 1995
    The work documents the life of gainfully employed women in the 19th century. Seven occupations of women were studied, namely, the cigarreras (tobacco-factory workers), the matronas titulares (licensed midwives), the maestras (teachers), the criadas (female domestic workers), the tenderas and vendadoras (store owners and vendors), the costureras and bordadoras (seamstresses and embroiderers), and the mujeres publicas (prostitutes). With women often absent or marginalized in the pages of history, the study attempts to unravel through archival sources and other non-documentary sources like literature and iconography the life of these working women.
    Quezon City: University of the Phillipines Press, 1995
    ISBN: 971-542-059-1
    197 pages

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