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    Accountant III (SG 19)
    Administrative and Financial Services Division
    Duties and Responsibilities:
    1. Review reports: Collection and Deposits, Disbursements by Disbursing Officers, Checks issued and trial balances submitted and the related supporting documents before final recording in the books of original entry;
    2. Keep and maintain the books of original entry: Check Disbursement Journal, Journal of Collections & Deposits, Cash Disbursement Journal, General Journal;
    3. Prepare and maintain the general ledger; trial balances and other financial statements;
    4. Verify COA disallowances and prepare journal vouchers and collection letters;
    5. Reconcile physical inventory of properties with the books of accounts;
    6. Sign disbursement and ascertain that government funds are expended or utilized in accordance with law and regulation and safeguards against loss or wastage through illegal or improper disposition;
    7. Submit financial statements/reports as required by COA, DBM and other government agencies;
    8. Perform such other related functions as may be assigned by the proper authority
    CSC Qualification Standards:
    1. Bachelor's Degree relevant to the job.
    2. 2 years relevant experience in government accounting, auditing and budgeting.
    3. 8 hours of relevant training.
    4. Eligibility: RA 1080 (CPA).

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