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    • 100 Events that Shaped the Philippines
    • Author: Virgilio Almario Edited by Virgilio Almario Illustrated by Felix Magno Miguel
    • Award Title: Winner, National Book Award, History, 1999 Winner, National Book Award for Book Design, 1999
    • Description: A joint publication of Adarna House and the National Centennial Commission in celebration of the Philippine centennial, the words and pictures in this book showcase 100 events that shaped the Philippines. It contains 400 pages of stories and articles, highlighted with small features, info-bits, quotations, and trivia. This book also includes over 750 photographs and illustrations, a timeline of world events serving as a backdrop to Philippine history, and 21 resource persons in the fields of Philippine arts and culture, education, history, politics, economics, science and technology, and religion.
    • Place/Date Published: Mandaluyong City: National Centennial Commission, 1999
    • ISBN No.: 9715080502
    • No. of pages: 395

    • 100 Questions Filipino Kids Ask
    • Author: Liwliwa Malabed, Emylou Infante
    • Award Title: Winner, National Book Award, Reference, 2006 Winner, Gintong Aklat Award for Children’s and Young Readers’ Literature, 2006
    • Description: Many questions boggle the mind of Filipino children. From a survey of over 400 kids, here’s a book that mixes fun with fact, answering Filipino kids’ questions in the fields of science, history and culture, art, and sports. Kids are also treated to some interesting bits of trivia and hands-on activities.
    • Place/Date Published: Quezon City: Adarna House and Liwayway Marketing Corporation, 2005
    • ISBN No.: 9715082769
    • No. of pages: 180

    • 15 Lamang
    • Author: V.E. Carmelo Nadera Jr.
    • Award Title: Winner, National Book Award, Poetry, 1994
    • Description: Pambihira ang koleksyon na ito dahil sa wikang ginamit ng makata. Sa aking pagkakaalam, si Nadera ang kauna-unahang makata ng kanyang henerasyon na nag-eksperimento at nagpayabong sa wikang ‘Filipino,’ at makikita ang kinalabasan nito sa mga tulang narito. Ang kanyang lengguwahe ay makabago; ibig sabihin ay naaangkop sa sining ng kaluluwa. Ang kanyang mga paksa at tema ay tumatalakay sa ating buhay-pangkasalukuyan. Ngunit anuman ang mga ito—strike, rally, bakla, rebolusyon, kasaysayan, anakpawis, relihiyon—nabibigyan ng karapat-dapat na tono at sining ang kanyang diskurso, na nangangahulugan lamang na si Nadera ay isang tunay na makata.” —Cirilo Bautista
    • Place/Date Published: Manila: De La Salle University Press, 1994
    • ISBN No.: 97155504208
    • No. of pages: 215

    • 55 Poems
    • Author: Jose Garcia Villa
    • Award Title: Winner, National Book Award, Translation, 1995
    • Description: Selected and translated into Tagalog by Hilario S. Francia Jose Garcia Villa is one of the Philippines’ National Artists for Literature. “The center of Villa’s universe is man, the puny inhabitants of a tiny planet, and the poet measures him fearlessly in the scale of perfection, which is God. He affirms God with a lyric exaltation allied to the religious mystics. Yet, on behalf of man, he challenges God in a daring affirmation that the creature made in His image contains in himself the seeds of His perfection.”—from the Citation of the National Artist Award
    • Place/Date Published: Quezon City: University of the Phillipines Press, 1988
    • ISBN No.:
    • No. of pages: 138

    • A Calendar of Rizaliana in the Vault of the Philippine National Library
    • Author: Ambeth Ocampo
    • Award Title: Winner, National Book Award, Bibliography, 1993
    • Description: After completing the process of research and authentication that led to the publication of the drafts of Rizal’s hitherto unpublished third novel Makamisa, Ambeth Ocampo surveyed his field notes and discovered that he had completed an inventory of the precious and inaccessible Rizal manuscripts and materials in the vault of the Philippine National Library. Arranged chronologically to become a bibliographical calendar, this book is not a mere listing, but includes descriptive details, annotations, and even an abstract in English of most manuscripts.
    • Place/Date Published: Pasig City: Anvil Publishing, 1993
    • ISBN No.: 9712702944
    • No. of pages: 236

    • A Cofradia of Two: Oral History on the Family Life and Lay Religiosity of Juan D. Nepomuceno and Teresa G. Nepomuceno of Angeles, Pampanga
    • Author: Erlita Mendoza
    • Award Title: Co-Winner, National Book Award, Biography / Autobiography, 2004
    • Description: This is the story of a remarkable couple whose unlikely partnership helped build the first city of the Kapampangan Region—as told by their eight surviving children and two daughters-in-law. But it was really their unassailable family values, their love and their faith, and their belief in their hometown’s capacity for greatness, that will be the lasting legacy of this couple—the unforgettable Juan and his enigmatic wife Teresa.
    • Place/Date Published: Angeles City, Pampanga: Holy Angel University Juan D. Nepomuceno Center for Kapampangan Studies, 2004
    • ISBN No.: 9719241722
    • No. of pages: 403

    • A Companion Manual to Helping Our Children Do Well in School: 10 Successful Strategies from the Parents’ Best Practices Study of the Ateneo de Manila High School
    • Author: Queena Lee-Chua, Ma. Isabel Sison-Dionisio
    • Award Title: Winner, National Book Award, Education, 2004
    • Description: What makes students do well in school? A survey of more than 500 parents of honor students, athletes, student leaders, and students excelling in extracurricular activities, yielded 10 simple strategies for good parenting. This companion manual also covers other topics such as spotting possible learning disorders, checklists of child and parenting styles, computer addiction, the truth about the Chinese and math, and more.
    • Place/Date Published: Pasig City: Anvil Publishing, 2004
    • ISBN No.: 9712714853
    • No. of pages: 176

    • A Dictionary of Philippine Plant Names (Volumes I and II)
    • Author: Domingo Madulid
    • Award Title: Winner, National Book Award, Dictionary, 2001
    • Description: This is the most comprehensive dictionary on Philippine plant names, with more than 43,300 vernacular names representing more than 97 languages and dialects in the country. It covers various groups of plants from algae, mosses, fungi, ferns and fern-allies, and flowering plants. It is intended as a general reference and guide for easy identification or naming of Philippine plant life, which is one of the most diverse and richest in the world.
    • Place/Date Published: Makati City: Bookmark, 2001
    • ISBN No.: 9715692621 9715692648
    • No. of pages:

    • A Field Guide to the Whales and Dolphins in the Philippines
    • Author: Jose Ma. Lorenzo Tan
    • Award Title: Winner, National Book Award, Environment, 1995
    • Description: “A well-made, exhaustively researched, and well-documented book with a conscience. Author Lory Tan shows us the beauty of these animals and what is happening to them now. A scaled recognition chart in full color is an added treat for kids and conscientious adults. The quality of this book is as impressive as its purpose is urgent.”—Sunday Inquirer
    • Place/Date Published: Makati City: Bookmark, 1995
    • ISBN No.: 9715691552
    • No. of pages: 125

    • A Life Shaped by Music: Andrea Ofilada Veneracion and the Philippine Madrigal Singers
    • Author: Marjorie Evasco
    • Award Title: Winner, National Book Award, Biography / Autobiography, 2001
    • Description: A Life Shaped by Music is a story of National Artist for Music Andrea O. Veneracion and her lifework as founder and choirmaster of the Philippine Madrigal Singers. Poet Marjorie Evasco weaves the multi-colored strands of more than 37 years of the story, clarifying for those who admire Prof. Veneracion and the Philippine Madrigal Singers the intrinsic spirit, the magical rapport, the discipline, and the passion that animate every performance of the choir.
    • Place/Date Published: Makati City: Bookmark, 2001
    • ISBN No.: 9715694136 9715694128
    • No. of pages: 343